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From established OEM/ODMs to start-ups, working on diverse product lines within multiple products poses several difficulties. We can assist in Research and Development at a fraction of the cost and time required for overall product development.

Our R&D services include:

Audio systems and processing
 DSP algorithm development
 Audio electronics design
 Acoustic Echo Cancellation solutions
 Feedback suppression solutions
 Audio effects and amplifier simulation
 Testing, measurement and system configuration

Telecommunication systems
Equipment providers in the telecommunications industry face a challenge when trying to accelerate new design and development, while constantly re-engineering and sustaining legacy products. We have experience in end-to-end communications solutions with diverse information formats and transmission media.

New technology research and implementation
New technologies are investigated for the purpose of applying them to the client’s products. Case studies are conducted to show feasibility from a cost, quality and time-to-market perspective.

Product research and evaluation
Client requirements are gathered and analyzed so that an appropriate set of existing products may be researched and evaluated.

High-speed electronics hardware design services
As performance requirements escalate, component sizes decrease – and brings along a host of crosstalk and signal integrity problems. We can help you design high performance hardware systems that meet electrical specifications and form factor.

The following skills are offered:
 Architecture design and schematic capture
 Modeling and simulation
 Pre-layout Signal-Integrity analysis
 Placement and routing
 Post-layout Signal-Integrity analysis
 Prototype testing and debugging
 Standards compliance testing
 Delivery to manufacturing